The Prairie Sisters

Posted By on September 11, 2012

The Prairie Sisters


WOW, The Prairie Sisters completely blew the top off of the Missoula County Fairgrounds! From every vendor down to the last decoration, The Prairie Sisters Party was a complete success. Laura Branson and Molly Mortenson put their heart and soul into making The Prairie Sisters Show not only a great time for all, but also a highly reputable show. MANY customers told us that one of the main reasons they come to this show is because of how Laura and Molly personally greet everyone as they come in. One customer said “They get out on the floor and make you feel right at home.” :)


Five minutes after the gates opened, it was literally standing room only! Customers were not pushy and upset, but rather calm and enjoying the moment. You wouldn’t think big crowds could act this way, but everyone was very professional and courteous. 



Thank you to Laura and Molly for allowing us to do a best booth award. It was by far the hardest choice we have had to make this year! Each vendor had something that we were looking for, but in the end we could only pick one. The winner?? Salvage Sisters! What an amazing booth with an unbelievable back drop! We can’t wait to see what you do next year!! :)


We love all vendors and their items so please be aware that we cannot post every photo. Some photos simply don’t turn out they way we intended them to. This is not being disrespectful nor has any underlined meaning. I hope you enjoy the photos :)

Prairie Sisters

Molly (left) and Laura (right) put on a fantastic party this past weekend and The Prairie Sisters is a staple in this business! 


The Prairie Sisters

Here is the winning booth from Salvage Sisters! Love the backdrop!


The Prairie Sisters

How awesome is this wagon? JNR wanted to take this baby home but we had no room…


The Prairie Sisters

See what I mean about standing room only?? SO much fun.


The Prairie Sisters

Whoa, we couldn’t even see the end of the line! Nice to see such support.


The Prairie Sisters

What a way to decorate the front of your booth!!


The Prairie Sisters

The rust on this sign is perfect. Rusted through on the corner but yet still very sturdy.


The Prairie Sisters

The finish on this tractor seat stool is awesome!


The Prairie Sisters

This trailer is in fantastic condition! It was definitely a customer attraction.


The Prairie Sisters

The Prairie Sisters bling!


The Prairie Sisters

Laura and Molly treated all of the vendors to a desert Friday night! They had two of these barns (top and bottom) full of vendors :)


The Prairie Sisters

A family that junks together….


The Prairie Sisters


That’s right ladies, be sure to start them young!


The Prairie Sisters Party was such a fun show! I hope everyone had a great time and if you didn’t make it to this show, be sure to add it to your calendar for next time! 

The Prairie Sisters on Facebook

We have more photos on our Facebook page. Please go and check them out :)

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2 comments on “The Prairie Sisters

  1. Jacqueline Newsom-Ditmars on said:

    This looks like the best show ever! I would really like to do your show next year. please send me info.

  2. The Prairie Sisters on said:

    Brian and Coquille,
    Thank you so much for coming to our party! We loved having you and thank you SOOOO much for the awesome review! We loved putting the party together but it’s the amazing vendors that make it so successful! We are so blessed to have creative, talented, and smart vendors that put a lot of effort and time into their booth and products! We are feeling BLESSED!! Thanks again.
    Laura & Molly

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